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About the Website

"Mind Over Matter: Healthy Bowels, Healthy Bladder" (MOM)

Introduction to MOM

Introduction to MOM

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This website is based on an in-person program developed by researchers, medical professionals, and community organizations in Wisconsin.
The program helps women learn about: 

  • How the bladder, bowels, and pelvic floor muscles work together

  • How to do pelvic floor muscle exercises

  • How to adjust fiber and fluid intake to improve symptoms

  • How to have effective conversations with healthcare providers

This website should not take the place of a medical provider.
If information here is different from what you are told by your provider, you should not make changes without talking to your doctor first.


How to use this website:

  • Click here to watch the orientation video if you haven't already or read its transcript here

  • Create an account here to:​

    • Get access to the Exercises, Bladder, Bowels, and Care Seeking sections

    • Connect with other women in the MOM Community 

  • If you encounter problems with the website or have suggestions, contact us

Before we begin, take this short quiz to find out how much you already know about bladder and bowel health.
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