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In order to be successful in changing our behavior, we must first learn about self-efficacy. To succeed, we need to have simple and realistic goals, as well as plans for how we will meet our goals. These plans and goals build our confidence (self-efficacy) and help us make the changes we want to make.​

Self-efficacy is our belief in our ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish specific tasks. ​

I can do this!

In Mind Over Matter: Healthy Bowels, Healthy Bladder we use a model called the Self-Efficacy Framework. This framework helps us set goals, create action plans, take action on those plans, and monitor our success.​ Watch the video below to learn more about the self-efficacy framework and how it can help us set realistic, personalized goals to fit our needs and lives.

Self-Efficacy Framework

Self-Efficacy Framework

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As you learn about solutions that you can apply to your situation, we invite you to use this framework to help you think about: ​

  • What is the problem I want to focus on? 

  • What can I do to solve it? 

  • Will I do it? 

  • How will I do it?  

What can I do?
Did it work?
How well?
Am I better?

Identify the PROBLEM

Will I do it?
How will I do it?

Keeping track of your goals, plans, actions, and symptoms is proven to help you meet goals. Download the tracker sheet from resources that you can personalize and use to track your progress. 

Empowerment is when YOU take charge of your health!

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